1. Introduction of BMC INTERNATIONAL
    BMC International have provided specialized Fiscal Cash Register and Fiscal Printer for VAT Collection since 1992 over 25 Countries.
BMC have contributed to the improvement of VAT revenue of these countries.

Currently we developed new system for TAX collection.
We have been deployed to African countries, Europe, Asian and the Pacific Ocean Islands through MOFA and JICA
Now we are proceeding to our VAT monitoring system with Egyptian Tax Authority supported by Japan Embassy.

    BMC knew that Saudi government implement VAT 5% from Jan 2018.
    BMC also knew how Tax payer modify sales using POS, Cash Register.
    So, to get accurate VAT amount from Tax payer,
    Saudi Arabia government need VAT Law including penalty + our VAT monitoring system.

3. Feature of our VAT monitoring system
  - BMC tax collection device ( Sales Data Controller = SDCmob ) connect to Cash register, POS which tax payer ( Restaurant, Hotel etc ) use.
And send VAT & Sales data automatically to Server in Tax authority through GPRS.
     - BMC can provide all necessary equipment like Tax collection device, server, cash register server software etc
     - BMC can do training for Tax authority’s staff until they operate our system by themselves.
     - Tax authority can see the Tax payer’s sales & Tax data using BMC server software in their office.

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